Have you ever opened a fortune cookie, had a powerful connection to the message inside, and wanted to hold on to it for inspiration? Do you have other inspirational messages or pictures that you would love to wear?

Welcome to FortuneKeeper - Beautifully designed necklaces, keychains and bracelets to safely store your prized fortunes, quotes, mantras, prayers, pictures or affirmations. Wear it close to your heart every day to boost your spirits, keep you motivated, feel the love or just for a little extra positive reinforcement.
Door Of Opportunity Fortunekeeper

Door Of Opportunity

Key Of Success Fortunekeeper

Key Of Success

Shades Of Love Fortunekeeper

Shades Of Love

Dream Believer Fortunekeeper

Dream Believer

Brooklyn Bridge Fortunekeeper

Brooklyn Bridge

Peace Fortunekeeper


NYC Graffiti Fortunekeeper

NYC Graffiti

Exit Uptown Fortunekeeper

Exit Uptown

Graffiti Heart Fortunekeeper

Graffiti Heart

Black Buddha Fortunekeeper

Black Buddha

Blue Buddha Fortunekeeper

Blue Buddha

Maze Of Life Fortunekeeper

Maze of Life

Transformation Fortunekeeper


La vie est belle Fortunekeeper

La vie est belle

Enjoying Life

Enjoying Life's Blossoms

Hands of Protection Hamsa Fortunekeeper

Hands of Protection Hamsa

Lotus Flower Fortunekeeper

Lotus Flower

Butterfly Metamorphosis Fortunekeeper

Butterfly Metamorphosis

Dean Russo Art Ragamuffin Fortunekeeper


Ms. Understood Fortunekeeper

Ms. Understood

Fortunekeeper Tin

All FortuneKeeper® are made in Brooklyn NY and are packed in a reusable tin. Each FortuneKeeper® includes a starter kit of fortunes and a story card.

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